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Office of Research and Development (Established in 1995)

The mission for the Office of Research and Development is to integrate and make efficient use of research resources for the College of Medicine. The office purchases of high-price instruments to be shared by different laboratories, providing research technological assistance to faculty members, reviewing research-related regulations and rules, makes research priorities, designs multi-discipline, integrated group research projects and administers all research related affairs.


01./To improve the administrative support service


02./To support academic faculties in understanding sources of research projects

03./To integrate academic source and coordinate the research environment

04./To provide effective and efficient administrative service for grants and contracts

05./To provide research project application-related information and technique

06./To manage the research database including projects, papers, awards, patents

07./To assist faculties in their application for research grants and contracts providing by the National Science Council, the Ministry of Education, other government organization, commercial enterprise, and manufacturer

08./To provide in using core instruments for academic faculties in their research and teaching

09./To provide training courses and consultation for suing core instruments to researchers

10./To coordinate the instrument resources for integrated research projects





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