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  • To provide good management of high-precision and common-use instruments and insure equipment is used as efficiently as possible.
  • To provide research space for researcher who is new employed and integrate basic and clinical research sources for improving the mutual cooperation.


Medical campus of core laboratory
In order to use the resources effectively at NTU medical campus, we established several common core laboratories to provide space and common equipment to help new coming researchers developing the advance of basic biomedical research and clinical applications. Each common core laboratory also provided specific major instruments as follows:
  • The First Core Lab:Instruments; Biomedical Resource Core, Imaging Core, Human Disease Modeling Core, DNA Sequencing Core, Cell Sorter Core
  • The Second Core Lab:Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Oncology
  • The Third Core Lab:Physiology, Organ Transplantation
  • The Fourth Core Lab:Molecular Pathology
  • The Sixth Core Lab:Functional Genetics, Proteomics
  • The Seventh Core Lab:Clinical Immunology Research Center
  • The Eighth Core Lab:Comprehensive Services
  • The Ninth Core Lab:Cell therapy, stem cell research
  • Core Lab. in Clinical Lab. Building:Hepatitis research



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